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Our COVID-19 Response

Dear Customers:


As we all know the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has disrupted our daily lives. Centflo Plumbing wishes to assure our valued customers that we are taking steps to maintain the safety of our clients and our technicians. As essential workers we are open and fully staffed and able to respond to all your plumbing needs.


Our plumbers will adhere to the safety standards and guidelines of the CDC (Center for Disease Control). We are eliminating physical contact, maintaining social distance, performing the twenty second hand washing technique, and using sanitizer and disinfectant.


Furthermore our plumbers are being monitored for wellness and temperature on a daily basis. You can count on our staff at Centflo Plumbing to service your plumbing needs while protecting your health through this difficult crisis.


1) ​Is Centflo Plumbing open for business during this pandemic? 


   As essential workers Centflo Plumbing is open for business with regular work hours, however our main office is not open to visitors. 


2) What precautions is your company taking to ensure our safety?   


  Our company is following all CDC (Center for Disease Control) guidelines in order to ensure your safety and ours.

3)Will the Florida State Stay-At-Home order affect your business hours?

  Plumbing is considered an essential service, therefore we are exempt from the Stay-At-Home order. We are happy to assist in any plumbing related issues.



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